When God Talks

“…Today if ye will hear his voice.” Psalms 95:7

God speaks to me in many ways: through reading my Bible, a sermon, and in the quiet hours of night.  Laying in bed, I hear Him as He speaks to my heart as I pray to Him, surrounded by the ‘sound of silence.’   I hear God every day in many ways.  I wrote the following poem many years ago, sharing just a few of the ways the Lord makes His presence audible to me.  I only need to listen.

When God Talks

I hear Him in hazy summer days
As bees buzz lazily around,
In the gentle rustling of the trees,
In the lonely meadow’s quiet sound.
When God talks.

I hear Him in children’s bright laughter,
In a baby’s boisterous cry,
In an ocean symphony,
And even in a small soft sigh.
When God talks.

I hear Him in Sunday mornings,
In church bells proudly ringing,
In the Bible’s sacred story,
And in the praise of joyful singing.
When God talks.

I hear Him in the rolling thunder,
In mighty wind bellowing strong,
In the chirps of a tiny cricket,
And in the robin’s glad spring song.
When God talks.

In the stillness of the night
Deep within my praying heart,
I hear Him as He softly whispers,
“I’ve loved you from the very start.”
When God talks.

© Debra A. Richardson


~ by Debbie Richardson on June 19, 2009.

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